The Acoustic Vibration Beauty Principle

Each person’s face has at least three million pores, while cleansing liquids only clean the skin surface, it is difficult to remove the oil from the pores. This oily residue left in the pores can only be eliminated to allow for the skin to recover through a deep clean.

Using the expertise from knowledge studied over the last 46 years, Skineden has revolutionized the skin care experience with our entire development process guided by skin specialists, combined with our advanced engineers to develop our own sonic micro-vibration technology.

Combined with an intelligent design, our Ultrasonic device can comprehensively clean your skin at 8200 movements per minute via high-frequency vibration which will remove completely deep pore oil while intensely cleaning every pore. The cleansed pores allow for delicate, smooth skin once again.

Heating and Cooling Effect Principle

A Japanese professor at the university shows that when the skin reaches 42°C, it helps to produce HSP proteins, which repairs skin cells and strengthens skin elasticity, preventing the formation of winkles.

The cold and hot combination provides a complete solution. At 42°C, the process assists in the expansion of the pores, make deep cleaning convenient. While under cold conditions, the process can instantly receive fine skin pores, lock in skin moisture deep in the pores.

If skin management is a priority the combination of the temperatures used together is crucial. With the Skineden Pro Ultrasonic LED Facial Massager, you have the wide temperature range between 6°C to 42°C. The cold and heat process can work simultaneously magically making the skin become smooth and full of elasticity.

Through the rapid expansion and contraction of the skin, this muscle movement helps to stimulate the skin’s blood circulation and speed up the metabolism of skin. ln addition it assists in the effective repelling of any noticeable black rims of the eye including eye winkles. The heat and cool effect also greatly increase skin transparency, so even without any makeup, the skin will form a natural glow.