Core Functions

  • Repairs skin cells, preventing the formation of wrinkles.

  • Expands skin pores to initiate deep cleaning.

  • Penetrates pores and locks in moisture deeply in the skin.

  • Helps to circulate the blood and speed up metabolism.

  • Increases skin transparency and firms skin.

  • Promote blood circulation and assists nutrient absorption.

  • Assists with lymphatic drainage 

The Power of Hot & Cold Therapy

Using the Skineden Ultrasonic LED Facial Massager gives amazing results using its sonic hot and cold technology.


Assists with pore expansion, blood circulation, cell viability and clearing lymphatic obstructions.


Improves skin elasticity, rejuvenation, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, reduces edema, acne and promotes skin repair.

Precision Hot & Cold Levels

  • 5 Finely Tuned Temperature Levels of cold and heat
  • Precision Heat settings range from 38°C -42°C
  • Precision Cool settings range from 6°C-10°C 
  • Ultrasonic technology to Instantly open skin pores
  • Cool treatment can be used for pain relief after sun exposure.

Get your Ultrasonic Facial Massager today and get wrinkle free, younger skin.

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